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Pixie Tunes Ear Buds for Belly - Baby Bump Pregnancy Music Speakers

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Pixie Tunes Ear Buds for Belly - Baby Bump Pregnancy Music Speakers

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Headphones for Pregnant Belly

Pixie Tunes / Headphones for Pregnant Belly

Headphones for Pregnant Belly

Pregnancy Headphones - Pixie Tunes Ear Buds for Belly – Baby Bump Pregnancy Music Speakers

If you are a mom-to-be, you have likely heard about headphones for pregnant belly. These special devices play sounds and music to your baby in the womb. There are several known benefits of playing womb music and sounds to your unborn baby. After 18 weeks, babies begin to listen and retain sounds and after 25 weeks, they respond to the sounds and womb music by kicking and turning. There is concrete evidence that unborn babies can hear womb music and sounds and retain them even after birth.

But how safe is it to use headphones for pregnant belly to play back music to your baby? What kind of pregnancy music should moms-to-be play back to their baby via the headphones for pregnant belly? Expecting mothers often worry about the safety of playing music to their baby in the womb. There is consensus that womb music is beneficial for your baby, is safe and can sooth both mother and baby. But there are some rules and consideration that should be followed when using headphones for pregnant belly to prevent possible risk during the baby’s development.

Headphones for pregnant belly are comfortable, discreet and easy to use. Since they are hands free, they can be used by mom while attending a concert, at work or another daily chore. Research has shown that that occasional exposure to loud sounds are unlikely to cause any harm to the baby, but prolonged exposure to loud sounds may actually cause hearing loss in the baby.

Pregnancy music improves your baby’s reflexes and may also improves your baby’s auditory senses. It is best to play low frequency music and soft sounds for unborn babies. Avoid playing high frequency pregnancy music and sounds. The ammonitic sac in which the baby lies attenuates (reduces) high frequency sounds and amplifies low frequency sounds. Play pregnancy music at low volume to your baby. Play soothing lullabies and soft music like Mozart and talk to your baby using special headphones for pregnant belly. Most headphones for pregnant belly function like ear buds for the belly so they are comfortable and easy to use like traditional headphones.

Most of the sounds the baby hears in the womb are muffled sounds of the mother speaking, her heartbeat and the breathing sounds of mom’s lungs. Conversations heard by the mother are suppressed by the amniotic fluid. If you are using a pregnancy headphone, first make sure it is a good quality headphone like Pixie Tunes. Use a pregnancy headphone which can be placed anywhere on the belly, comfortably and playback good quality sounds with built in volume control. The maximum volume level of the sound played back by the headphones for pregnant belly should be like or lower than the music you hear while shopping at a department or grocery store.

The best womb music to play is one you like as well. It isn’t a good idea to play different music for baby in womb which you don’t enjoy. Remember the idea is to connect mom and baby and to sooth you both. Play soft music including lullaby’s, harmony music and your voice. Avoid rock, heavy metal and rap music. Soft music will relax you and your baby.

Did you know that you are not limited to playing womb music to your baby but you can also talk to your baby with headphones for pregnant belly? Pixie Tunes ear buds for belly, headphones for pregnant belly make it possible for you can talk to your baby in the womb. Simply insert the advanced acoustics, high fidelity system into your cell phone or mp3 player and playback recorded sounds, music or live phone conversations to your baby. Best of all, there is no APP needed and Pixie Tunes is completely safe and comes with a built-in volume limiter switch to playback a variety of sound and womb music to your baby.

Pixie Tunes are hands free and attach on the belly using reusable adhesives. Unlike traditional headphones for pregnant belly, you can place them anywhere on the belly. They are reusable, compact and discreet. Many mom’s use Pixie Tunes with maternity pants.

Another thing to keep in mind is duration of use. It is not recommended to use headphones for pregnant belly for more than an hour a day. Ideally, use the headphones for pregnant belly several times through the day for 10 – 15 minutes durations, the total not exceeding 1 hour of use. There is no evidence to suggest otherwise, but it is recommended not to exceed an hour a day.

The best time to us Pixie Tunes is when you do your daily chores. Using headphones for pregnant belly on your belly might be detrimental as they don’t control volume or have built in sound limiters. Pixie Tunes come with built in volume limiter. It is recommended to place the volume tab on LOW volume setting to ensure that the music played back is soft in nature. When playing back pregnancy sounds, use the HIGH setting.

Although Pixie Tunes ear buds for belly, headphones for pregnant belly have several benefits over traditional headphones, one major advantage is that with Pixie Tunes, you can talk with your baby in the womb. To do this, simply set Pixie Tunes volume tab on HIGH setting and insert into your phone. Then open a voice recording app on your phone and speak your thoughts and love message and playback to your baby. Many moms-to-be call their family and friends and have a conversation while playing back the conversation to their baby using Pixie Tunes shared splitter adapter. The adapter makes it possible for mother and baby to simultaneously listen to the conversation

Remember that your pregnancy will last 9 months and then your baby is ready. This is the special time to bond with your baby, so make the best of it. Share sounds, womb music and voice of yourself and your partner, husband and extended family with your baby before they are ready to see the beautiful world. Enjoy these special memorable moments and bond better with your baby with the Pixie Tunes headphones for pregnant belly.