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Pixie Tunes Ear Buds for Belly - Baby Bump Pregnancy Music Speakers

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Ear Buds for Belly With Silicone Band

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Pixie Tunes Ear Buds for Belly - Baby Bump Pregnancy Music Speakers

Pixie Tunes Premium

Ear Buds for Belly With Silicone Cover

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Pregnancy Headphones

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Pregnancy Headphones

Pregnancy Headphones - Pixie Tunes Ear Buds for Belly – Baby Bump Pregnancy Music Speakers

Pregnancy is a special time for expecting moms. It is well known that unborn babies have much interaction with the world outside while in the womb. Stimulation using sound is one way that your unborn baby can interact with you and the outside world while you’re pregnant, and it actually encourages early language development.

A fetus is physiologically capable of hearing starting at about 18 weeks, and they start responding to sound by turning and kicking at about 25 weeks. Well into the third trimester, the unborn baby will begin to respond to mother’s voice too. Unborn babies who have been exposed to mothers voice and sounds can distinguish between mothers voice and many other sounds when they are born. This suggests that the fetus is learning. Therefore, it’s a good idea to expose your fetus to all kinds of sounds in the world: talking, singing, moving around, because it stimulates their growing brains.

Using traditional everyday pregnancy headphones placed directly on the belly can be too loud, and might in fact cause damage to the fetal hearing. It is important to limit the sound volume level to a safe maximum level. Another important factor to note is comfort. Big bulky speakers play the best sound, but their size always makes them difficult to wear. Small speakers can be taped or placed in the maternity pants, but the sound quality is not suitable for the fetus.

Conclusive research shows that babies in the womb respond to vibrations and melodies played to them. Music can strengthen language acquisition and certain other skills. Here are some of the effect’s music has on a baby inside a womb:
• It improves your baby’s reflexes
• Improves the unborn baby’s auditory senses
• Acts as soothing lullaby after birth
• Shapes the baby’s overall personality
• Connects mom and baby

The University of Lecester in the United Kingdom did a study that showed how babies can remember music played to them in the womb twelve months after they are born. Research has shown that playing sounds and music to your baby at low volume can improve the following after birth:

• Reading
• Writing
• Speech development
• Co-ordination
• Attention spans
• Sleep patterns

Expecting mothers need not compromise between sound quality and speaker size. Pixie Tunes pregnancy headphones are special ear buds for belly. They are designed specially to play sounds, voice and music for baby in womb. Pixie Tunes eliminates the need to place bulky pregnancy headphones on the belly. It comes with two compact speakers which are attached to the belly using reusable silicone adhesive patches. The speakers can be positioned anywhere on the belly and easily removed when done. It is compatible with any audio player including iPhone, Android devices and portable mp3 players. Pixie Tunes also come with built in active speakers to safely limit the sound that your baby will hear. The speakers also have a volume control switch for enhanced safety. A unique feature is the audio splitter which mom and dad can listen to sounds played to the baby simultaneously.

Pixie Tunes ergonomic design adapts to mama’s growing belly throughout the pregnancy. Just plug into your phone and they are good to go. Use on your walk, during exercise, yoga or wherever you like. Pixie Tunes are designed to also be used with maternity pants. They are comfortable and 100% discreet.
Pixie Tunes pregnancy headphones make perfect baby shower gifts for mom to be.

Here are some of the benefits of using Pixie Tunes pregnancy headphones
• No batteries needed
• Discreet and fits easily under clothes
• Splitter to let you and the baby listen together
• Can be used before and after birth
• Includes a speaker switch to toggle volume between prenatal and normal
• Can be used with all leading mobile devices including iPhone, Android devices and mp3 players
• Anyone can record songs and messages from afar, to talk to the baby
• Moms can talk to their baby before birth
• Use 3rd party music from Pandora and Spotify etc