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Pixie Tunes / Pixie Tunes Skin Safe Replacement Adhesives, 4 Pack
Pixie Tunes #1 Award Winning Baby Bump Headphones & Pregnancy Speakers
Pixie Tunes #1 Award Winning Baby Bump Headphones & Pregnancy Speakers
Pixie Tunes #1 Award Winning Baby Bump Headphones & Pregnancy Speakers
Pixie Tunes #1 Award Winning Baby Bump Headphones & Pregnancy Speakers

Pixie Tunes Skin Safe Replacement Adhesives, 4 Pack


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  • MEDICAL GRADE ADHESIVES – Includes two pairs (total of 4) reusable medical grade skin-safe adhesive patches to attach the Pixie Tunes to your baby bump and adjust the speaker based on baby’s position for maximum comfort.
  • REUSABLE SKIN-SAFE ADHESIVES – Adhesive patches stick securely on Pixie Tunes and are gentle on skin. They won’t leave residue on skin or stain clothing. Comes off easily from skin after each use.
  • EASY TO REMOVE AND STORE — Quickly remove the adhesive from Pixie Tunes by pulling the paper tab on the adhesive. No need to clean as adhesives won’t leave residue.
  • LONG LIFE ADHESIVES — Each adhesive pair will last for approximately 30-40 uses (1 month). With proper care, two pairs will last 2 months. Adhesive patches come in a carry case so you can take them wherever you like.
  • COMPATIBLE — Precision cuts designed exclusively for Pixie Tunes Premium and Pixie Tunes Elite models.
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Product Description

Each pack of Pixie Tunes Replacement Adhesive Pads includes 2 Pairs (4 total) of reusable medical grade skin-safe replacement adhesives perfectly trimmed for your Pixie Tune speakers. The 4 adhesive rings replace the original ones that came with your Pixie Tunes. Perfectly trimmed to fit both Premium and Elite models, each adhesive replacement adhesive pad pair will last approximately 1 month, so this pack will last approximately 2 months. Adhesive replacement pads will not leave residue on skin or stain clothing.

Directions for Use

  1. Before using Pixie Tunes, gently wipe your skin to remove all lotions and body oil. The adhesive gel patches stick best on fresh cleansed skin.
  2. After attaching the adhesive gel patches on the speakers, securely place the speakers on one spot on your belly. Do not move the speakers or remove and replace them during a session as it will reduce the stickiness of the adhesive gel patches.
  3. To maintain stickiness of the adhesive gel patches, do not remove them from the speakers after use. Place the speakers with adhesive on the transparent adhesive strip that came with the gel patches. This will prevent the adhesive gel patches from losing its stickiness and prevent dirt buildup. Do not touch the patches or let them come in contact with other surfaces.
  4. Over time, as adhesive gel patches come in contact with your skin, body oil will reduce stickiness. If this happens, place a few drops of water on the adhesive patches and rub gently with your fingers. Re-apply after the patch dries.

Pixie Tunes Premium Award Winning Baby Bump Speakers & Pregnancy Headphones

Number of Adhesives 2 pairs = 4 total
Approximate Use 2 Months
Compatibility Compatible Pixie Tunes Premium and Elite Models
Splitter Included in box
Model TPX02A
Color White
Order by Phone Help placing an order, with a live representative. Call 1-800-230-6775

What devices is PixieTunes Belly Bump Speaker System compatible with?

PixieTunes is compatible with leading cell phones, mp3 players and other audio playback devices. The ear buds for belly system works with iPhone, Android, iPod, iPad and portable media players.

How do I prepare for use?

Do I have to use Pixietunes with the gel patches?

How do I use the volume setting?

When do I use the precision audio splitter?

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