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Pixie Tunes Ear Buds for Belly - Baby Bump Pregnancy Music Speakers

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You wear many hats to strike the right balance between work and home. Well, we can’t help you with everything, but we made dealing with your pregnancy  easier. Here are some ideas and tips to better manage your pregnancy.

Womb Music

There is ample evidence from research to support that a baby in the womb can not only hear, but also recognize certain sounds including mother’s voice and certain words and phrases. An unborn fetus can distinguish among sound, music and noise and will many times respond by kicking the belly from the inside. Research concludes that the unborn fetus hears more low-frequency sounds rather than high-frequency sounds. Which means that the baby in the womb will hear sounds and music better compared to noise. The Fetus can recognize sounds.


Music for Baby in Womb

Parents always want what’s best for their child, and in nearly all cases, even before the baby is born. Many parents talk to their baby before birth and play music for baby in womb. It’s not crazy, it’s not funny, its natural. You are trying to be a good parent and are doing what’s best for your child. Your baby is growing incredibly fast. As early as 12 months, your baby can hear what’s going on outside your bump around this stage. Music for baby in womb and Sound travel from the outside through your skin and fluid in the womb before reaching your baby’s ears.


Headphones for Pregnant Belly

If you are a mom-to-be, you have likely heard about headphones for pregnant belly. These special devices play sounds and music to your baby in the womb. There are several known benefits of playing womb music and sounds to your unborn baby. After 18 weeks, babies begin to listen and retain sounds and after 25 weeks, they respond to the sounds and womb music by kicking and turning. There is concrete evidence that unborn babies can hear womb music and sounds and retain them even after birth.


Gifts for Mom to Be

There are several gifts for mom to be. Pregnant women can be pampered in many ways and they should. After all, its not easy having to go through pregnancy. If you discuss pregnancy with an expecting mother, they pretty much have the same thing to say. It’s hard being a parent. Being a parent is both the hardest and best job out there. Mom’s have long nights, little sleep and get incredibly tired during pregnancy and the first few months after childbirth.


Pregnancy Music

There are several studies don on the benefits of pregnancy music on the baby. The most important is prenatal bonding between mother and baby. Early connection helps mom prepare for baby and mom looks forward to her bundle of joy. Many researchers also say that pregnancy music helps in early development of baby’s brain.


Ear Buds for Belly

Everyone enjoys listening to music. Why limit the fun and enjoyment to yourself? With ear buds for belly, parents can share music with their unborn baby the safe, fun and easy way. Share soothing tunes, light music, symphonies and more. Studies have shown that babies remember what’s played to them in the womb for up to a year after birth.


Pregnancy Headphones

Expecting mothers need not compromise between sound quality and speaker size. Pixie Tunes pregnancy headphones are special ear buds for belly. They are designed specially to play sounds, voice and music for baby in womb. Pixie Tunes eliminates the need to place bulky pregnancy headphones on the belly.


Baby Buds

Talking to your baby while in the womb with baby buds or belly headphones helps form a solid bond and this helps his/her neuronal and emotional development. The womb is an ideal sensory environment for your growing baby; and one of the first senses to develop, is your unborn baby’s sense of hearing.