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Pixie Tunes Ear Buds for Belly - Baby Bump Pregnancy Music Speakers

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Ear Buds for Belly With Silicone Band

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Pixie Tunes Ear Buds for Belly - Baby Bump Pregnancy Music Speakers

Pixie Tunes Premium

Ear Buds for Belly With Silicone Cover

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Pixie Tunes / Reviews

Pixie Tunes have awesome reviews! See why parents love Pixie Tunes ear buds for belly. Our superior sound and safe technology makes Pixie Tunes the best choice for your advanced hands free ear buds for belly.

Here are some of our amazing reviews.

Best Ear Buds for Belly – Jennifer

“Pixie Tunes are so simple to use and I am very happy with them. It is a great investment which I have been using for months. No more holding the headphones on my belly. Completely hands free.”

Super Baby Shower Gift – Tina

“Received Pixie Tunes as a baby shower gift idea from my friends and instantly fell in love with it. I am now talking to my baby every day even at work! Thanks for this really great gift on my baby shower.”

Baby Bump Speakers – Zoe

“Pixie Tunes have to be the best baby bump speakers. before these, I was holding my headphones and ear buds on belly. Now, its easy. Completely hands free and the baby bump speakers sound great too!”

A+ Gift for Pregnant Women – Angela

“It doesn’t have to be hard finding the perfect gift for pregnant women. Pixie Tunes are awesome. They are the best gift a pregnant woman could desire. I received them and fell in love immediately.”

Pregnancy Speakers for the Belly – Sarah

“With Pixie Tunes, my husband and I can enjoy music with our baby and listen to it as well! It works with my iPhone and his Android phone. Great pregnancy speakers for the belly. Highly recommended.”

Perfect Baby Bump Headphones – Elle

“Pixie Tunes are the perfect baby bump headphones. I have tried another one before which was uncomfortable and didnt last. PixieTunes baby bump headphones are so convenient.”

Overall good – Ariana R Schroder

“I was excited to get this product. The stickiness has lasted quite a while. I use this almost every day. The adhesive sticks more to my skin than to the actual headphones so it’s a little bit of a delicate process to remove it from my stomach and then place it back on the earphone for storage. Aside from that I am pleased.”

A Blessing; I’m in love with these – JoseLamas

I bought these for my wife during her second pregnancy. She loves it when the baby moves and kicks when she plays the music. We haven’t used any of these devices during her pregnancy and YES, she can feel he difference! Her first pregnancy was very rough, the baby moves so much that she couldn’t sleep at night or rest during the day. THANKS to Pixie Tunes, which made my wife’s pregnancy much smoother. Now she can sleep at night and rest during the day while baby is enjoying the music. This has been truly a blessing. My wife is in love with these and so does my baby to be 🙂

Best Pregnancy Speaker – James K.

I have been loving this product! I just got Pixie Tunes as a gift from my sister on my first baby shower and it was perfect. I tried it out as soon as I got it. The sound quality of this speaker is excellent! I can totally tell the difference from the time I started using it. I was really excited that this speaker came with a splitter so that I could listen to the music with my baby. When I play the music, I find my baby has calm down and feels no kicking. I feel relaxed and she does too.

My favorite pregnancy purchase so far – JBlack

I really enjoy reading stories to my baby in my belly as I feel that it’s great for brain development. It comes with precision stereo audio splitter so me and my husband can simultaneously listen to what is being played to my baby and can easily find a comfortable volume for both of us. It is such a fun way to engage with your baby in the womb and I would highly recommend these speakers for future mommies!!

Works as described – Jasmine Miller

Works as described. My little bundle of joy wiggles around every time I plug them in!

Very happy, I use it every day – Amish

I loved the idea and love music which I wanted to share with my baby in the womb. I am using it at least two hours every day. I can feel the baby responds to it. Every time I used it, I use audio splitter so I can listen to what my baby is enjoying listening and my husband also likes the idea a lot. All in all, I would definitely recommend it, I personally think it’s worth the money and like the idea that I am getting closer to my baby in advance.

Awesome Pregnancy SpeakersRakul Preet

If you want to share your voice, music or sounds in crystal clear quality with your baby in the womb, you will love Pixie Tunes. It has the best pregnancy speakers with volume control. Great pregnancy speakers, I use them to make my baby listen to music or sometimes play pre-recorded voices when I go for an everyday walk. It is very easy to use. What I really like is that Pixie comes with a cushion portable case for on the go! Solid performance and exceptional quality, much more than I expected. I am so happy with my purchase that I would recommend to any mom to be.

Worth every penny! – Lian W.

My boyfriend bought this for me. I just completed my 16 week. I use these every day, even at work. I love everything about the product. It comes in a portable pouch, which makes it easier to carry. I love the color and sound quality is out of the world. I had bought similar product before, I was very disappointed. The sound quality was really bad so I returned the product. Initially my man was afraid of purchasing Pixie tunes too but it turned out to be an amazing experience, I couldn’t be more happier. These are worth every penny. You will love it, I guarantee you!

Great music for the baby to be born! – Vino

Works perfectly for my wife & baby boy “cooking in the oven”

Baby moves 🙂 – AC

“I love it that I can listen to the music with my baby. You can attach two headphones to this device. one for the belly and the baby inside of it and one for the mom. It is easy to use and I feel my baby shows me he hears the relaxing music by his movements. Just make sure you do not turn up the volume because amniotic fluid is a perfect sound transmitter and you may scare the baby if you play a loud music!”

I love my Pixie Tunes – Rebecca

“I am completely in love with my Pixie Tunes. I didn’t know that there was such a thing. I used to record my voice on my ipad and play back the sounds using over the ear headphones (the big ones). Yes, it was uncomfortable and inconvenient but I had no choice. I started using these in my 3rd month of pregnancy and used for about a month till the girl at my yoga class showed me her Pixie Tunes. What a smart idea I said. I immediately ordered them and they worked so well. Believe me, they sound really nice. Better than my current headphones. Plus they are easy to attach and remove. I used them daily for months at a stretch. They come with a splitter, two pairs of adhesives and a cool carry pouch. The adhesives lasted a month each so I was good for 2 months. Then ordered a new set. Brilliant idea and good execution. Love my Pixie Tunes.”

Pixie Tunes are awesome – Pierce M.

“I bought Pixie Tunes high fidelity pregnancy speakers for my daughter who is going to be the first time MOM. She is extremely happy to talk to her baby and with splitters she can share in the experience. it’s supposed to be great for brain development. Sound quality is great and overall, I am happy with my gift to my daughter.”

Great product! – BZ

“It’s great. I don’t use the adhesion because I use it while laying down but if you are sitting up it’s great, just a little sticky. I keep it at about half volume and I know baby hears it cause she kicks !!! Really nice product I’m so happy I got it. Even includes an adaptor so I can listen to the music too on headphones, how nice!”

Absolutely love it – Shelly B.

“Pixie Tunes are very easy to use, I wear them almost every night. It seems like my little munchkin enjoys the music as much as I do. I love the idea, how I am able to share the music with my child while he is in the womb! I am in love with Pixie tunes and so would you!”

Wife Loved It – Francesca

“My wife is 20 weeks pregnant and she was too keen to talk to the baby and sing a song to her as she is a singer. She was thrilled when I gave her Pixie tunes as a gift. My wife puts them on before bed and sing her favorite songs or rhymes a lullaby and removes them right before she goes to sleep. She always wanted to keep this moment of being mum as the most memorable one and she feels that this pregnancy headphones have made her achieve that goal.”

Absolutely amazing – Betty

“I LOVE THEM! Pixie Tunes are the perfect device for bonding with my baby. I share not only my favorite music but the record messages or stories my husband likes our baby to listen who works far away. I carry them whenever I go out in a cute portable case on the go. The sound quality is amazing and I hope my baby is enjoying the music too.”

Perfect for baby in the belly – GC

“I love this belly headphones and my baby loves it too. I haven’t had the need to use the adhesive tape as I just lay the headphones on my big belly, works just fine.”

Excelente. – Tommy

“Todo , excelente.”

Good quality – Katelyn Knight

“Perfect for little bump to listen to music.”

Five Stars – Mimi R.

“Got the wonderful Pixie Tunes for my sister who is expecting. She is extremely happy to introduce music and sounds to the baby in her womb. She found them sleek, easy to use and discreet so she can use them any time anywhere.”

Excellent product. I love it. – Cameron

“Pixie Tunes is very popular in my pre-mom yoga group and I was prompted to make the leap and get one myself. This is an amazing system. It comes with everything you need to get started. It has the Pixie Tunes speakers, adhesive patches, splitter and a carry case. Using the system is realy straightforward and easy. Insert the system into your phone and stick the adhesives on your speakers and then on your belly. I liked the fact that the adhesives didn’t leave behind any residue on my belly or stain clothing. Once done, I was able to remove them easily and store on the adhesive strip for safe keeping.
The one thing that is impressive about the system is the sound quality. It is better than my $5 headphones which I use at work. This is truly a high fidelity system as they claim. You can listen to it and feel the difference.
The volume control works well. I have used this system for several weeks and just love it. It helps me connect with my to be baby and I feel special.
The splitter is also great. Sometimes I record my voice on my phone and then using the splitter, play it back to my baby as I listen to it. This is a brilliant idea and well designed product. It is compact, comfortable and durable. I have accidentally dropped it a few times, but it holds well.
I have tried these with my maternity pants and sets just fine.
Wish I had purchased Pixie Tunes in my last pregnancy….. I live it and recommend this system.”

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