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Music Player for Baby in Womb

Music Player for Baby in Womb - Pixie Tunes #1 Award Winning Baby Bump Headphones & Pregnancy Speakers

What is the best gift for mom-to-be? Pregnant women can be pampered in many ways and they should; after all, it’s not easy having to go through pregnancy. If you discuss pregnancy with an expecting mother, they pretty much have the same thing to say – It’s hard being a parent. Being a parent is both the hardest and best job out there.  Mom’s have long nights, little sleep and get incredibly tired during pregnancy and the first few months after childbirth. Things get even more challenging once the baby is born. Baby’s wake up frequently at night and that robs mom off her sleep. All this can leave mom tired and grumpy at times.

There are several online and local stores one can shop for gifts for mom to be. However, it’s best to be creative and different in choosing gifts. After all, everyone wants a gift which is different and well thoughts of and one they can use. One of the most popular and recommend gifts is a music player for baby in womb. Here are some useful and unique recommended gifts for mom to be.


  1. Music Player for Baby in Womb

What better way for mom and baby to connect and bond! Music player for baby in womb make it possible for mom to share fetal music, classical music and sounds with their baby. With superior baby bump and pregnancy speakers like Pixie Tunes, moms can simultaneously listen to what is being played back to the baby and can even talk to the baby in the womb! These are the fun and safe way for mom to use a music player for baby in womb.


  1. Water Bottle

Everyone needs to be hydrated, specially mom’s to be. But most of the times, we forget to drink water. Why not get them a reusable water bottle! This makes an ideal gift for mom to be. Mom can drink water, juice and flavored beverages through the day and it actually does your body good.


  1. Diary for Daily Reflections

Quite similar to what we used as children. A daily diary can help mom write her thoughts and experiences during her pregnancy so when baby is finally grown up, mom can share pictures, thoughts and stories written at the time, before birth with her baby. A daily pregnancy journal will make an excellent gift for mom to be.


  1. Diaper Backpack

Well, we don’t need diapers yes when the baby is still no around, but the one thing mom will surely need are diapers and lots of them. Also, mom will travel to many places like supermarket, mall, etc. with her baby and she will need to carry diapers. A diaper backpack will be hand in that case. They have different sections for diapers and other baby sanitary needs.


  1. Bath Soak

If mom needs to relax, a bath will help. Bath soaks are available specially in gift sets for mom to be and are widely purchased. They come in all sizes and variety for mom to relax and take time off from hectic schedule. Make sure to get a large pack, because she surely will be using these often.


  1. Morning Sickness Relief

Every mom to be has morning sickness which they wish they didn’t. Get them a morning sickness relief gift basket. Mom will appreciate your thought and even bless you, cause after all this is a life saver. She will be able to skip morning sickness on many days thanks to your gift.


  1. Coffee Mug with Name

Everyone loves their cup of coffee or tea. A special cup that reminds mom of her baby’s arrival will be awesome. Get this unique gift with mom’s name on it and she will love it. Every day, mom will use the cup and think of her baby that is about to enter this wonderful world and the cup will be used for years after that as well.


  1. Pregnancy Subscription Gift Box

There are several online websites that are gaining popularity with subscription box models. Some offer prepackaged gifts; others are a surprise box filled with goodies for mom to be. These have a flat monthly fee and usually send gift boxes monthly. Many boxes include top rated or tried and tested products for pregnant moms.


  1. Baby Hand Print and Footprint Kit

This is another memorable gift for mom to be. It is a rather unique way to capture your baby’s first moments by photo, and they hand and feet impressions. The kit comes with soft clay which your baby imprints and once it dries up, you have the everlasting memory of your baby’s little hands and feet. Mom’s love to hand these in their home walls and gaze upon it while their baby grows in age.


  1. Pregnancy Cast Kit

This is a growing trend and similar in approach to baby hand-print and footprint kit. The pregnancy cast kit comes with clay and a brush. Simply mix the clay with water and apply on your belly. Wait a few minutes to half an hour and remove. This serves as a memory of the time mom was pregnant.

There are innumerable gifts for mom to be. Some common and some unique. It’s best to get a gift which can be put to use and one which is different, and mom will love and appreciate.

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