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Womb Sound for Baby - Pixie Tunes #1 Award Winning Baby Bump Headphones & Pregnancy Speakers

Your baby in the womb is surrounded by amniotic fluid and your body skin. At 18 weeks, your baby’s ears are fully developed, and your baby begins to hear sounds and fetus music. Sound in the amniotic sac is heavily attenuated (reduced in amplitude) and soft sounds are transmitted better than heavy music or loud sounds. Soft sounds include classical music for baby in womb and voices. The brain activity of babies whose mothers regularly played the womb sound for baby in pregnancy was stronger when similar music was played after birth and at four months.

Researchers suggest prenatal exposure to baby music in womb may influence brain development at a critical period for the development of the auditory system. Expecting moms are curious about the safety and effect of playing baby music in the womb via baby bump headphones. While womb music is generally considered safe for the fetus, take correct precautions to ensure safety. These include playing soft music, limiting sound volume level and playing sounds for short duration (15-minute sessions no more than 4 sessions a day). The most important thing to consider if you are pregnant is your own wellbeing.

Playing music that you enjoy and that relaxes you may be a better option than listening to a lullaby on a loop. A European research in 2013, found that newborn babies remembered classical music for baby in womb including “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” that was played to them while they were still in the womb. Additionally, some research suggests that baby classical music in the womb music may help premature babies to feed and improve their vital signs.

Music can help mom’s to be in many ways including improving sleep, reducing stress and anxiety, lowering blood, reducing prenatal and postnatal depression. Music relaxes frayed nerves and brings positivity. Studies have proven that womb sound for babies is one of the best stress busters for mom. Researchers have also discovered that baby music in womb sounds better to the mom during pregnancy. Scientists have proved that, in the third trimester, an unborn baby can recognize their mother’s voice, the native language, and even begin to remember word patterns and rhymes. It makes sense then, that music also has an impact on the baby.

Everyone enjoys listening to music. Why limit the fun and enjoyment to yourself? With pregnancy speakers, parents can share womb sound baby and talk to baby in womb the safe, fun and easy way. Sing  songs to baby in the womb, play light music, symphonies and more. Studies have shown that babies remember womb sounds played to them in the womb for up to a year after birth. When the music was played back to the babies, they responded by moving their head towards the source of music. Parents should play lullaby’s, Mozart and other soft symphonies to their baby. Many moms to be play meditative music and religious chanting to their baby.

Advanced research on the impact of a mother’s voice on her unborn child has shown that when a mother reads aloud, her voice has a calming effect on her unborn baby. Playing back mom’s voice has been proved to help shape auditory learning and forming a preference for mother’s voice. The mothers voice not affects development of her baby’s auditory system, but also impacts their social and emotional development. One way to play sounds and music to your baby is by placing belly headphones on your body and then connecting these headphones on baby bump to your phone or mp3 player to play back sounds and music. This technique and attachment are frequently used by mom’s to be and even widely recommended by many to soothe your baby in the womb and to better connect with your bundle of joy.

If you are playing fetal music, the baby may not be able to hear it when headphones are in your ears. Bringing them near the womb will help the music reach your baby, which is why mothers prefer placing the headphones for baby in belly. For an expectant mother it is important to keep calm and be cheerful during pregnancy. Music can help achieve both. Happy rhymes and rhythms make you sing along and smile while soft instruments or the violin can help you relax and even slide into slumber. Your baby also responds to various sounds, including womb music. Research indicates that baby music for the womb also has positive effect on your blood pressure. You can create a list of music you enjoy and play back to your baby.

Pixie Tunes are better than the average belly headphones. They are specifically designed for womb sounds for baby rather than human ears. They are shaped to be placed on the belly. Unlike pregnancy speakers which are designed for music, Pixie Tunes are specially designed to carry sounds to the baby. This means, mom and dad can now talk to their baby! Crystal clear stereo headphones transmit high-fidelity sounds to the baby safely and comfortably.

Pixie Tunes are compatible with any Android or iPhone, iPod and other mp3 music players. The system comes with skin safe adhesive rings that stick to the belly, a splitter that connects mom to the same sound and music, and cushioned carry pouch. Pixie Tunes has a volume limiter switch so a safe maximum level sound volume is played to the baby. Pixie Tunes pregnancy speakers can be used with the provided adhesives or with standard maternity pants. They are compact and discreet and can be used when on the go. Many parents use Pixie Tunes  at work, at home while resting, on their walk or even when doing yoga or their favorite exercise.

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